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Ostium MAX

Biomaterial made of bovine hydroxyapatite or inorganic mineral matrix of bovine cancellous bone, obtained from the physicochemical processing of the cancellous bone from the femur proximal limb, bovine femoral head, from which the organic components have been removed. The cancellous bone from which the organic components have been removed and which is now made of only the remaining bone matrix, is known as deproteinised inorganic bone and turns out to be useful within the field of Xenogeneic implants (deriving from different species), located at the bovine femoral head, which has a porosity ranging from 200 microns to 2 mm, and which is the proper one to allow the growth of the bone tissue. Due to its lack of organic material, and its hydroxyapatite composition and its appropriate porous structure, this meets the requirements to be considered biocompatible. The bone matrix or inorganic bone has cohesiveness and high structural strength. Moreover, its availability in time and quantity happens to be high, too.  

Intended use
Raw material
Safety and efficiency of the medical product
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