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ML Implant System® offers Surgikal surgical sutures in its family of complementary products.


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SUPRALON (Nylon monofilament)

Non-absorbable synthetic suture obtained from the extrusion process of the polyamide granules.

Available USP gauges: 3-0 / 4-0 / 5-0

Needle: triangular, 3/8 circle, 15 and 20 mm.

Color: black.

Length: 45 cm.

Presentation: box of 24 units / unit.

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Absorbable synthetic suture made with a glycolic acid polymer, covered with a thin film of calcium stearate.

A process that offers delicate inert filaments that are braided and provide a highly resistant suture with minimal tissue reaction.

POLIGLYD (Polyglycolic Acid)

Tensile resistance: 65% at 14 days and 50% at 21 days.

Absorption period: Between 60 and 90 days.

Available USP gauges: 4-0

Needle: triangular, 3/8 circle, 20 mm.

Color: violet.

Length: 75 cm.

Presentation: box of 24 units / unit.

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