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Recommended cares after implant surgery

The ML Implant System® implants are a modern solution for the substitution of one or several missing dental pieces. Proper care of the implants after their placing happen to be key for their success. The information of the present certificate aims at providing some basic notions in connection with dental care, however, it does not substitute the professional advice of your habitual dentist. You need to perform a regular visit.


Postoperative side effects

It is not common that complications take place after the placing of a dental implant, which is usual a simple procedure. The removal of the stitches is usually carried out between 7 or 10 days after the placing of the implant. It’s essential that you consult your doctor immediately if you happen to experience any symptom or side effect.  

Immediate actions

Ice to the swelling
Cool down externally the treated area as soon as possible after surgery to help prevent pain or swelling. 

Pain medication
If your dentist prescribes you medicine, start its intake immediately, according to the received instructions.

Beware of mouthwashes
During the first hours after surgery, the mouth must not be washed as it could provoke some bleeding. However, you can drink after the intervention. 

Provisional restoration
While the mouth is healed, the implant must take a “healing abutment” or a provisional restoration. The healing abutment is placed on the implant so that the soft tissues can heal before the next step of the treatment. Avoid chewing any solid food on the side where the implant has been placed. This will help the healing in a safe way before the following steps of the treatment. 

Consult your dentist as quick as possible if any of the following situations occur:

  • Stabbing pain on the surgery day.

  • Insensitivity on the site of the implant placing 12 days after surgery.

  • Pain or swelling on the site of the implant placing several days after surgery.

  • Prolonged bleeding.

  • Loss of the provisional restoration or the healing abutment.

  • Any other symptom or situation not mentioned on this certificate. 


After surgery useful tips 

  • It is advisable to remain sitting down in an upright position rather than an inclined one. Keep your head in an elevated position, even during the night. Do not lean on the side on which the implant has been placed.  

  • Do not drive during the first hours after surgery. Either the anesthesia or medication can affect your ability to drive. Ask your dentist. 

  • Do not brush the mouth area corresponding to the implant until the stitches have been removed. 

  • Your dentist will recommend you to rinse yourself with a mouthwash several times a day instead of brushing your teeth. 

  • Do not eat until the anesthesia effects have faded away. 

  • Alcohol, nicotine, coffee and black tea must be avoided during the first days after the intervention. 

  • Do not smoke.

  • Sports or any intense physical activity must be avoided during the first days after the intervention. 

For the implants to last longer, a proper oral hygiene is essential. Consult your dentist about the most appropriate cleaning techniques.  

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