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Digital solutions

CAD/CAM restorations

Our new line of digital solutions for CAD/CAM restorations offers a wide product range, which enables both the dentist and the dental prosthetist technician to benefit from the new technologies for manufacturing and designing esthetic and durable restorations.

ML Implant System Digital Analogs System allows locating the exact position of the implant in a 3D model for more precise prosthetic planning. It’s available for all connections: SHe external hex, SHe internal hex and tri-channel SRi. Made of titanium, it includes a short fixing screw. We have enabled the the digital analogs library for Exocad (see Downloads > CAD/CAM Libraries).

Analogos Digitales Render 03.png
flyer cad - cam-06.jpg
flyer cad - cam-07.jpg
flyer cad - cam-08.jpg



SHe System

SRi System

DIGITAL ANALOG TI SHe PLAT. 3,45        RED.3401 

DIGITAL ANALOG TI SHe PLAT. 4,00        RED.4001 

DIGITAL ANALOG TI SHe PLAT. 5,00        RED.5001 

DIGITAL ANALOG TI SHi PLAT. 4,00         RID.4001 

DIGITAL ANALOG TI SHi PLAT. 5,00         RID.5001 

DIGITAL ANALOG TI SRi PLAT. 3,50         RID.3501.N 

DIGITAL ANALOG TI SRi PLAT. 4,30         RID.4301.N 

DIGITAL ANALOG TI SRi PLAT. 5,00         RID.5001.N 

SHi System

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