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Presentation and Packaging

ML Implant System® implants are presented per unit, sterile and in with and without multifunctional fixture-mount options. The implant is protected through double packaging, security seal and inside a containing box, identified by color, together with their instructions for use and their identifications labels. 

Implants without Fixture Mount

Implants with Fixture Mount

ML Implant System® implants without Fixture Mount are provided with a sealing cap. 

The implant must be transferred to the surgical wound, making use of the implant assemblers (mounter) corresponding to each system, available for either manual or mechanic insertion (CA).

ML Implant System® implants with Fixture Mount are provided with a three-in-one abutment, attached to a plastic implant holder, ideal for transporting the implant to the surgical wound and completing the manual or mechanical insertion (CA). It also includes the closure screw housed in this plastic implant holder.

Identification by color

The diameters of the ML Implant System® implants are identified by color so as to make their recognition easier. Also, in all packaging labels, the length corresponding to each implant is indicated.  

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